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Style:  8cm*4.5cm
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Bearkit + unlimited creativity = endless fun!

Let your creativity run absolutely wild with our DIY paint pouring kits that have been going viral for a reason. Create your own unique one of one piece and find your new friend a home and show it off as it's a guaranteed head turner! 

Perfect for unleashing your creativity and adding a touch of whimsy to your home, this  Fluid Bear Sculpture DIY kit is a musthave for any artist or art enthusiast.

The operation process is simple, It only takes a few minutes to pour the paint on, then wait a 2-5 hours to dry, and you're done!

Suitable for different scenes,key chains, holiday gifts, ornaments, etc.


Movable joints,it can be a walking bear, a cheering bear...get the cutest posture you love.

Unique personality texture,flow ink wave marble texture,like marbled waves running over the bear.

Realize the dream of every artist, everyone uses their own creativity to mix paints and make your unique artwork in the world.

What's the materal package included? 

  • 1 Disposable Cup,1 Disposable Aprons,1 Disposable Tablecloths,1 Disposable Gloves, Paint Brushes
  • 8 colors include (white, mint green, orange, gray, turquoise, light blue, light purple, bluestone green)
  • 12 colors include (gray, orange, coffee, blue-green, green, rose red, lemon yellow, light yellow, light blue, light purple, bluestone green, fluorescent pink)
  • 16 colors include (white, black, orange, gray, dark purple, coffee, turquoise, green, rose red, lemon yellow, light yellow, light blue, light purple, bluestone green, dark blue, fluorescent pink)
  • All 22 colors include (white mint green orange red pink black gray gold coffee blue green rose red lemon yellow light yellow light blue light purple bluestone green dark blue blue green dark purple silver fluorescent pink)

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